Call for Speakers is Now Open.


The special topic track aims to bring together academic and industrial participants in microfluidics and nanotechnology to explore the synergistic approach between these two domains, highlighting their collaborative role in advancing bioengineering, biomedical research, and life science applications. The dialogue will focus on the most exciting advancements in devices, systems, and methodologies, emphasizing new opportunities for research, development, and commercialization.

Topics of Interest

Here are some topics that we are interested in to get your ideas flowing. This is not an exhaustive list, if you think you have something to talk about that would be of interest to our community, please submit it.

  • Devices and applications stemming from the merging of nanotechnology with microfludics.
  • Nanotechnologies in lab-on-a-chip.
  • Next generation of nanomaterial-based microfluidic systems.
  • Nanomaterials, nanodevice fabrication.
  • Latest advances in the development of novel micro- and nanotechnologies.

Speaker Submission

Special topic track is part of the Forum and included within the main conference program. Thus, the same rules for submissions apply as for the main conference.

There is no set deadline to submit a speaking proposal until all open slots are filled.


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