Special Track: 3D Cell Culture - Tools & Applications

Cell culture techniques have led to the creation of industrial application and continue to fuel the growth of biologics based medicines that can be seen across many different fields, such as disease models, organ-on-a-chip technologies, microfluidics, iPSC advances plus much more. This track will will showcase new directions, challenges, and successes in the cell culture engineering arena, as shared by leading academic and industrial experts to exchange ideas, learn from each other and strengthen your commercial success.

Exhibiting is an excellent opportunity to showcase your products and to develop new contacts. Presentations for the following categories are welcome:

  • 3D Cell culture devices & techniques.
  • Cell culture media and supplements.
  • Advanced cell imaging and analysis.
  • 3D cell model application and assay development.
  • Cell processing center, engineering service.

Registration: In conjunction with BioCHIP Berlin 2021

Time: 8-9 June 2021